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Toolroom Knights ft. Mark Knight

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About Us

Pulzar FM was founded by Andy Poulsen & Jason Akehurst at the very end of the last century (all the way back in 1999!). Taking to the airwaves in October 1999, Pulzar FM broadcast on a number of different frequencies over a period of 8 years as a low power dance music radio station covering the inner city of Christchurch. We developed a devoted and loyal following, however without the extensive coverage available from a high power signal, the station remained a labour of love rather than a commercially viable entity.

After waiting for a frequency auction for over ten years, the directors were delighted when one was finally announced in April 2008, the first Christchurch frequency auction since 1991. After successfully securing this, and adding new business partner Sebastian Wild to the management team, Pulzar FM commenced broadcasting across Canterbury on 18th April 2009, with an uplifting energetic mix of pop, electronica, dance and classic tracks, appealing to the youthful (or young at heart) 16-35 market.

The station is staffed by a mix of young presenters and hosts, and features many of Christchurch's top DJ's performing regular sets in the evenings.

Pulzar FM takes its involvement with the community seriously and coordinates with local charities and community organisations to support and promote events in and around the city.

If it's hot with great energy, you can bet you could have heard it on Pulzar FM. After all, we're Christchurch's heart beat!


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